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Our marketing partnership with 929Media saw us collaborate with an extraordinarily talented group of individuals based out of Manhattan, New York. 929Media specialise in the real-estate and tourism sectors delivering high-quality cinematic video productions to help showcase the beauty and allure of their subjects.

Our Involvement

Our campaign leveraged their high-quality media productions, targeting specifically sequenced marketing messages toward a variety of real-estate and luxury goods audiences on Facebook. The strategy for our Landing Page was heavily centred around attracting real-estate Brokers and Agents as this was an industry that 929Media had served with great success.


Our Email Campaign engaged new and existing leads through delivering informative industry specific knowledge. These email sequences were built into thorough story-telling automatons which saw a 19% increase in email engagement across the list of leads. The end result of our marketing campaign saw 929Media close new business and revenue as well as receiving an introduction to new audiences relevant to their work. We are very excited to maintain a close relationship with 929Media looking toward further collaborations in the future.


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