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Grei Clothing is a stylish clothing brand with a heavy influence in the football & reality TV market place. After experiencing challenges with generate consistent results Grei Clothing realised that Facebook advertising was not as simple as Facebook make it out to be, once Agency Partner Jack Mattison and Social Agendas Founder Aaron Branch took on the campaigns it meant that Grei Clothing and their team could focus there time and energy on what they do best - Designing new products. Grei Clothing now has peace of mind knowing that their campaigns are always built, launched and scaled in the hands of Social Agendas Marketing, generating consistent revenue increases and brand awareness.


Increase sales by 11x taking company from 3 figures to 4 figures per month in revenue using Facebook Ads


When we started the clothing business we knew that advertising was a big thing. We tried to do some adverts ourselves but didn’t know how much depth they went into, and also the energy and focus required. When you reached out to us and showed us your previous work we were interested, after a number of discussions we finally launched the campaigns and the results were extremely noticeable. More sales started coming in and the increase in revenue was fantastic. We're looking forward to working with you in the future.

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