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The Facebook Ads Weekender Event



The Facebook Ads Weekender was a 2 Day Workshop for Entrepreneurs, Business Owners and Marketers alike to learn the fundamental knowledge and principles behind Facebook Advertising The event was a massive success held in the Social Agendas HQ. The event held limited spaces and were able to fill all 20 seats. Since the event, some of the business owners have signed on as clients. The day was split into 2 days: the first day on the strategic planning for that is involved before creating the ad and the steps that are essential to ensure the ad will be a success. The second day focused more of the 'fun side' of FB Ads, splitting the attendees into teams to shoot footage for their ad, edit and create an Ad Set. Events by Social Agendas Marketing like this have opened the door to business growth for over 200 individual businesses. Isn’t it time we discussed helping you grow your business through FB Advertising?

What Did the Attendees of the Day Learn?

  • Module 1: Schedule, Instructor and Guidelines
  • Module 2: Priming Your Account For Success
  • Module 3: Budgets, Campaigns & Testing
  • Module 4: Social Selling Psychology & Avatars
  • Module 5: Audiences, Placements & Creative

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