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Trade and Train - Health and Wealth Seminar & The Financial Health & Wealth Masterclass

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Trade and Train specialise in providing Forex Education and providing aspiring traders with the knowledge they need to start trading in the financial market. Before meeting with Social Agendas, Trade and Train already had plans to hold a free seminar to share their tips for trading profitably and spread the word about the services they offer. After the team at Social Agendas took on the promotion of the event, it meant that the team at Trade and Train could focus on their Forex Education services. The Social Agendas team worked on creating an Eventbrite page, alongside creative social media content to spread word about the event and encourage sign ups.


The event had over 20% attendance rate, which is above the industry average, alongside receiving some positive feedback from attendees which has encouraged the idea of similar events in the future. Following the success of the previous event, the Social Agendas team began work on the next advertising campaign, using the same steps from the last AD Campaign and optimising data that worked and didn’t work, this resulted in the next event was a huge success. The attendance rate doubled from 20%, to 40%. For the second event Social Agendas captured high quality images and footage. The partnership with Trade and Train was going strong and the Social Agendas team began work on their third consecutive event. However, during this period the United Kingdom went into Lockdown and all events were cancelled and put on hold. After concultation with Mark Owen, the Social Agenda team, being aware of current trends, we informed Mark about the possibility of evolving the event into an online trading masterclass. For this we created a Clickfunnel page, new Ads to suit the current times and an email campaign. The online masterclass was another huge success, generating 230+ leads in a 7 day period.


Managing Director Trade and Train - Mark Owen

February 1st 2020


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March 7th 2020


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